NaNoWriMo Day 2: The Lure of Research

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Saturday. Word count: 1,981. Now I’m behind. It’s my weekend, so I was planning on cranking out some words, but I read what I wrote yesterday and knew it could be better, so I worked on that — adding some, deleting a lot of others, but after about 90 minutes I think I netted a solid dozen words that I could add to today’s count.

Then it was time to plunge forth, and I did for a while, until I wanted to learn one small thing, a tiny detail or two, that Google could help me with …

Two hours (and a lunch) later, no knew words, and I still hadn’t quite found the right fact (though I did find something else entirely, and that went right in the manuscript for +25 words). Thing is, I love looking stuff up. I love being able to find the right fact to make my fiction ring true. As a former newspaper copy editor, looking stuff up was most of the job (the rest was more or less just memorizing and implementing AP style, as well as numerous local variants).

Here’s hoping tomorrow goes better. And thank you to all the fellow writers and NaNoWriMo-ers who checked out yesterday’s post. Great to be part of a creative community, joined through the inter-webs.

NaNoWriMo total word count: 2,908

In other words, I’m already behind. Yikes!


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