Three new poems in MacroMicroCosm’s ‘Astral’ Issue

Thank you @vraeydaliterary for publishing three of my new poems!

New poem, ‘Packing Tips for Time Travelers,’ in Mithila Review

It’s an honor that my work — “Packing Tips for Time Travelers” — is in the latest edition of the Mithila Review, No. 15! This is my second poem in this publication, which is out of India. My first work was “Instructions for Astronauts,” which was in Issue 8. The new poem has been selectedContinue reading “New poem, ‘Packing Tips for Time Travelers,’ in Mithila Review”

2021 Rhysling Nominee — Thank you!

I’ve been nominated! More specifically, my poem, “An Offering,” has been nominated for a 2021 Rhysling Award in the category of long poem by the Science Fiction Poetry Association. The nominations are anonymous, so thank you to whoever nominated my poem. One thing this means is that the poem is being republished in the 2021Continue reading “2021 Rhysling Nominee — Thank you!”

2021 Rhysling Awards Eligibility

Hi all, If you are nominating poetry for this year’s Rhysling awards, here are my eligible poems: Short poem  “Chaos Theory: The Butterfly Wings Set” Abridged 0-60: Echoes, Summer 2020, Long poem “An Offering” Line of Advance: 2020 Col. Darron L. Wright Memorial Awards, September 2020

So long, 2020!

Someday, 2020 will make sense. As the year draws to a close, there are a few pre-pandemic “lasts” to remember. Last movie at a movie theater: “1917” on Feb. 2 — Glad I saw it in a theater on a big screen. At the theater I often go to, there is rarely a big crowd forContinue reading “So long, 2020!”

New poem just published in Abridged

Check out my latest experiment in language, a poem called “Chaos Theory: The Butterfly Wing Set” recently published in the online poetry/art journal Abridged, out of Northern Ireland. You can find the poem here:

NaNoWriMo Day 27: Crossing the 50,000-word mark

So I hit 50,161 words a few minutes ago. Despite what the certificate above suggests, I know the novel isn’t done. In fact, I just stopped in the middle of a scene because it is getting late. I’ve been busy writing the past few weeks, so haven’t been keeping up with blogging about the writing.Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Day 27: Crossing the 50,000-word mark”