Today’s Google doodle: Adobo!

Hard to believe but my favorite comfort food is today’s google doodle, with a handy link to all things adobo.

Figgis takes flight

Look at this goofball running! This is a still from a video frozen to show how this not-quite-nine-pound dog runs: pulling his front paws under him, kicking his back paws out front. Is that how all dogs run?

2022 Publications

I’m happy to share the publications that I’ve published in 2022. A special thanks to all the editors who selected my work: Doug Draa, Lis Goryniuk-Ratajczak, Shashi Bhat, and Jordan Hirsh.


  • The Adjacent PossibleWeirdbook Magazine #45; Doug Draa, Editor; Wildside Press, Publisher; Cabin John, Maryland; July 2022



Happy St. Patrick’s Day

On the banks of the Providence River, a reminder of what millions of Irish and their descendants have to celebrate: peace, freedom, prosperity.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Figgis at the galleries

Nice thing about NYC art galleries: Figgis is welcome!

He was a good boy. Sniffed some art but no touching.

Figgis Friday

I am the egg man …

Predictions for 2022

This popped up on Twitter. So it’ll be more of the same.

Figgs says happy 2022!

A sweet face and Grinch paws.