2016 Year in Review

Fifty-six blog posts published so far this year Number one, most-read blog post: Review of Justin Cronin’s “City of Mirrors” Number one, most-watched videos: Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s “Can’t Help Myself” from the Guggenheim Museum Two poems published: “That Day in Assisi” and “For Your Own Safety” One short story published: “Auntie Lovely SaysContinue reading “2016 Year in Review”

My 2014, by the numbers

Some random metrics about my life in 2014. Blogging Number of blog posts on michaeljanairo.com: 73 Most read blog post: Readercon wrap-up: ‘You don’t look Filipino’ Work Number of jobs left: 1 Number of new jobs started: 1 Writing career Number of short stories published: 3 Number of writing conferences attended: 1 (Readercon) Music TopContinue reading “My 2014, by the numbers”

Gardening book article with a nod to a local blogger

The Dallas Morning News has an interesting article, here, on Amy Stewart’s Flower Confidential: The 306-page book is a journalistic behind-the-scenes account of the international floral industry – where flowers come from and insightful speculation, if you read between the lines, about where they are going. Ms. Stewart traveled the world to learn about industryContinue reading “Gardening book article with a nod to a local blogger”