Gardening book article with a nod to a local blogger

The Dallas Morning News has an interesting article, here, on Amy Stewart’s Flower Confidential:

The 306-page book is a journalistic behind-the-scenes account of the international floral industry – where flowers come from and insightful speculation, if you read between the lines, about where they are going.

Ms. Stewart traveled the world to learn about industry developments, to Amsterdam, Ecuador, Miami and up and down the coast of California, visiting flower factories as well as family farms established, in the case of California, by immigrants from Italy and Japan. There’s plenty of high-tech and history in her well-researched (and annotated) accounts. But embedded in the industry trends and headlines are the gems that make the book worth buying and reading.

Also of interest is the mention of Saratoga Springs resident Michele Owens, who blogs with Stewart on Garden Rant and who has her own blog here.

Check it out.

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