NaNoWriMo Days 7–10

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Words for Day 7: Zero

Words for Day 8: 1,573

Words for Day 9: 3,542

Words for Day 10: 4,595

Total words: 18,422

Late fall deep freeze crept in over the last few days, and I ran out of steam (or was it time) for any writing on Day 7. So it was an accidental day off; however, a little brain rest can always be helpful.

I spent some of my writing time over the last few days doing something I’m not sure I was supposed to be doing during NaNoWriMo, considering one of the mantras of the month is to write, write, write, always moving forward to get more words down. I went back and did a little editing, adding and expanding on earlier sections.

Yes, there definitely was a net gain, but I did have to delete some words. It felt very much not in the spirit of the month when, after about an hour of writing and getting down a few hundred (maybe almost 1,000) words, I removed some of the no longer relevant passages and found myself suddenly at a net zero.

Words, they come and go. Oh, well.



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