NaNoWriMo Day 6

I’m using this image, which I found searching for the word “breathe,” which I mean in a positive way, though this could be verging on “drown.” Ambiguity.
Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Words for the day: 1,477

Total words: 8,712

Still behind the NaNo schedule, but I’m happy with the day’s results. One of the things that I reminded myself to do tonight is give a scene a chance to breathe. So I went back a few paragraphs from where I had left off last night, and realized that I needed to break up a character’s paragraph-long quote. That allowed that character to test and measure other characters’ reactions to what she was saying, as well as allowing other characters to say things — thus slightly changing the direction of the conversation as I had written it yesterday (characters! with their own thoughts!).

Perhaps most importantly, it allowed me the space to insert moments in which my main character could witness, think, and evaluate things. This, I think, will deepen a reader’s understanding and empathy for the main character, and it allowed a quick flashback for some background information that deepens the history of the main character.

So in some ways, I ended my writing session by getting back to where I had left off the night before, but I put down a lot of important words that lets the story breathe and the characters express their lives in new ways.

A good writing session.


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