The week ahead, according to predictive text

Just how predictive is predictive text?

To find out I began a sentence in my iPhone’s Notes app with the word “On” followed by the day of the week and the phrase “the world.” For the rest of the sentence I selected one of the three words suggested by the predictive algorithm to find out what’s in store for all of us.

Here is what I discovered:

On Monday the world is going to be able to see more of the museum

On Tuesday the world is expected to converge the sky and by saying that she has been able to get back on the train

On Wednesday the world is a great artist but not a good for the word of god

On Thursday the world is going back up to the sky for a moment

On Friday the world has begun a series of discussions about how to build a nuclear weapons program

On Saturday the world is expected at the end of the day to begin the process of democratization

On Sunday the world is going back to its own now and the meaning of this world is not the only way to be


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