Haiku movie reviews, January 2015



Internal Affairs (1990)

Cop flick from long ago

It probably felt dated

When it was released


3 Days to Kill (2014)

A dad and killer

Bossed around by a hot chick

Dumb but fun action


Alex Cross (2012)

Guy from “Lost”? Creepy

Tyler Perry – he can act!

So where’s the sequel?


Strange Days (1995)

Before Y2K

Cops, murder, rape, data discs

A fine mess for Fiennes


Pride (2014)

Gays support miners

In Thatcher’s beastly Britain

Wonderful friendships


Selma (2014)

Protests need clear goals,

Strategies, tactics, leaders

— True courage routs hate


Kon-tiki (2012)

Thor sets out to prove

Islanders came from Peru

— all on one big raft


Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Disney wants Poppins

The author has a conflict

With her long dead dad


Boyhood (2014)

Here’s a crushing truth

“I just thought there would be more”

as time marches on



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