Haiku movie reviews, January 2015



Internal Affairs (1990)

Cop flick from long ago

It probably felt dated

When it was released


3 Days to Kill (2014)

A dad and killer

Bossed around by a hot chick

Dumb but fun action


Alex Cross (2012)

Guy from “Lost”? Creepy

Tyler Perry – he can act!

So where’s the sequel?


Strange Days (1995)

Before Y2K

Cops, murder, rape, data discs

A fine mess for Fiennes


Pride (2014)

Gays support miners

In Thatcher’s beastly Britain

Wonderful friendships


Selma (2014)

Protests need clear goals,

Strategies, tactics, leaders

— True courage routs hate


Kon-tiki (2012)

Thor sets out to prove

Islanders came from Peru

— all on one big raft


Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Disney wants Poppins

The author has a conflict

With her long dead dad


Boyhood (2014)

Here’s a crushing truth

“I just thought there would be more”

as time marches on

Published by Michael Janairo

Writer. Reader. Coffee drinker. Fiction. Poetry. Art. Museums. (My family name is pronounced "ha NIGH row.")

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