Megyn Kelly: From Delmar to the face of Fox for the GOP convention

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Two years ago, the Times Union reported on Megyn Kelly, recounting her career trajectory as going “from Bethlehem cheerleader to Albany Law School graduate to anchor of a cable-news program with a daily audience that tops one million. That’s the path — albeit dramatically oversimplified — taken by Megyn Kelly, who grew up in Delmar and is a rising star at Fox News.”

Today, she’ll be coanchoring Fox’s GOP convention coverage, as the Associated Press reports:

Four years ago, Megyn Kelly roved the Democratic and Republican convention floors as a reporter for Fox News Channel. Starting Monday in Tampa, Fla., she’ll be in Fox’s booth as co-anchor with Bret Baier for the 2012 meetings.
The elevation shows how Kelly, host of the daytime “America Live” program, is rising at Fox. Her ratings are increasing even in a rough year for cable news. Recently she single-handedly minimized the damage after a Fox flub covering the Supreme Court health care decision and even had a surprise talk with an old nemesis, Jon Stewart.

Read the AP story here



  1. PLEASE – enough of Juan Williams, he is just spinning for Obama, and he is not factual. I am tired of his comments – Fox has supported him too long – he should go. Thanks.


  2. Part of the problem with this country is comments like that. Nobody wants to listen to different viewpoints because that might challenge them and get them to think.

    So this is what we get; a bunch of virtually unwatchable idiots like Maddow or Hannity babbling like bobble head dolls mouthing the same tired talking points without being challenged. An intelligent viewer would welcome the exchange of ideas that differing opinions brings.


  3. Wow. To think she’s from Delmar. Now I can’t wait to see her on HBO’s The Newsroom next season.


  4. I’m not sure why she has to wear so much makeup. It seems like Fox News has a bunch of pretty blond news anchors that they use interchangeably. Does it matter who they post at the convention, they’re all going to say the same thing anyway.


  5. Fox – my favorite channel – you, O’Reilly & Huckabey top of the list. BUT disappointed today whenever you and Brit Hume talked ALL THE While our National Anthem was being sung at the convention. That alone & the fact that I believe Missouri’s own Neal E. Boyd was singing. We want MO in the Rommey corner. OK? Let’s do all we can to get it that way. It is enough that our president does not like our National Anthem!


  6. Doesn’t say much about Delmar. Fox is totally unwatchable- and for different reasons- so is YNN. What gave those particular talking heads the idea that they should be on TV (and not radio or on the street)?! I’ve seen more watchable television in the smallest towns up and down the east coast- these people are frightening!

    But the Republican convention not only verified what was already obvious, I am absolutely terrified and embarrassed for this country. And if you want the truth, you have to watch Newsroom or Stewart, Colbert, Maher.


  7. Maher + Truth? Please. Chasing prostitutes with a snout full of coke does not make you believable.

    ALL networks are biased. It’s your responsibility to sort it out. For the loony lefties, keep watching the MSNBC bobbing heads who parrot the Democratic Party line. For the ultra conservatives, depend on Hannity and Limbaugh to tell you what you want to hear, regardless of how ludicrous it sounds.

    The rest of us with grey matter will work it out for ourselves.

    Bill Mahar as the truth teller – that was a good one though.


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