“ET HE UGLY RUTH” courtesy of a sponsored ad on Twitter

A young person I know recently said something along the lines that Twitter was going down the drain. I don’t where that idea came from. I’ve been using Twitter since Sept. 19, 2008. (which is longer than 99.755% of all other Twitter users, according to http://twopcharts.com/howlongontwitter). Perhaps the young person was thinking of sponsored contentsContinue reading ““ET HE UGLY RUTH” courtesy of a sponsored ad on Twitter”

My 2014, by the numbers

Some random metrics about my life in 2014. Blogging Number of blog posts on michaeljanairo.com: 73 Most read blog post: Readercon wrap-up: ‘You don’t look Filipino’ Work Number of jobs left: 1 Number of new jobs started: 1 Writing career Number of short stories published: 3 Number of writing conferences attended: 1 (Readercon) Music TopContinue reading “My 2014, by the numbers”

Chewbacca shares Star Wars behind the scenes

Storify by Michael Janairo Sat, Jan 11 2014 06:29:51 The actor Peter Mayhew has been busy on Twitter, posting plenty of behind the scenes shots from his years of playing Chewbacca. Here are a few. The sign in the back says Zazzle was here… pic.twitter.com/mXBZaxw6Vn Peter Mayhew@TheWookieeRoars · Thu, Jan 09 2014 19:50:42 ReplyRetweetFavorite ItsContinue reading “Chewbacca shares Star Wars behind the scenes”

Twitter lessons from the NYTimes

The New York Times twitterers share some of their lessons of 2013 on the Nieman Labs: During 2013, we began consistently scheduling multiple runs of tweets highlighting some of our best enterprise material, especially during weekend hours and overnight, when @nytimes is mostly automated. It goes without saying that if you tweet more, you’ll getContinue reading “Twitter lessons from the NYTimes”