#tbt review: Lisey’s Story by Stephen King

This review originally appeared in the Times Union on March 1, 2007. “Lisey’s Story” by Stephen King. Read by Mare Winningham. Unabridged, 19 hours, 16 CDs. Simon & Schuster. $49.95. In ancient Greek drama, deus ex machina was used when the plot got so out of control that only divine intervention could resolve it. “Lisey’sContinue reading “#tbt review: Lisey’s Story by Stephen King”

#tbt review: Intergalactic Nemesis live-action graphic novel

This review originally appeared in the Times Union on Jan. 12, 2012. “The Intergalactic Nemesis” has landed at Proctors in Schenectady with an answer to the question, “What exactly is a ‘live-action graphic novel’?” That’s how “Nemesis” bills itself, and though that term may bring to mind Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” series of movies, “Nemesis” isContinue reading “#tbt review: Intergalactic Nemesis live-action graphic novel”

#tbt review: World War Z by Max Brooks

This review originally appeared in the Times Union on Jan. 2, 2007, long before the Brad Pitt movie came out. “World War Z,” by Max Brooks. Read by a full cast. Abridged, 6 hours. Random House Audio. $29.95. The stellar cast includes Alan Alda, Carl Reiner, Mark Hamill, Henry Rollins, John Turturro, Rob Reiner andContinue reading “#tbt review: World War Z by Max Brooks”

Why are war and science fiction so often connected?

Why is it that some of the greatest sci-fi out there has everything to do with war? I’m thinking of “Star Wars,” “The Forever War,” “Old Man’s War,” “War of the Worlds,” for example (and those are just some of the ones with “war” in their titles). But also “Ender’s Game,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and soContinue reading “Why are war and science fiction so often connected?”

#tbt Book Review: Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

This review was originally published May 8, 2005, in the Albany Times Union. Kazuo Ishiguro is a master of the writing of memory. In fictions about an English butler, a Japanese artist and a world-renown pianist, he has found life-defining secrets, decisions and failures in the smallest moments, and uses them to create literary novelsContinue reading “#tbt Book Review: Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go”

Review: Pre-judging the movie Interstellar

This post is part of Sci-Fi November, which you can read all about here. I haven’t seen “Interstellar” yet, but I have seen the teaser trailer, the official trailer, TV commercials and some feature stories in the NY Times, so I’ve been given an impression of the film and know it will have moments ofContinue reading “Review: Pre-judging the movie Interstellar”

Welcome to Sci-Fi November

What a great idea: a month-long gathering of bloggers to blog about all things Sci-Fi. The organizers of the event are book bloggers at Oh, The Books! and Rinn Reads. Thank you, Rinn, Kelley, Asti, and Leanne for hosting this event and letting me take part in it. About me and Sci-Fi You can readContinue reading “Welcome to Sci-Fi November”