Haiku movie reviews, July 2015

Jurassic World (2015) The brothers bore me Their aunt, though, and those high heels? Dinosaurs watch out! Vengeance (2009) Gangsters sneak around Gunfire erupts in Macau A dad’s mind is lost Inside Out (2015) In internal realms Feelings — not gods — vie to rule This is mainstream fare?

Haiku movie reviews, June 2015

Love and Mercy (2015) Living on the edge Brian Wilson hears so much Joy in creation   Brooklyn Castle (2012) Junior high chess champs Won’t be outplayed by budgets These kids: They got game   Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Big engines go roar Lots of crazy stuff blows up — Women rule the dayContinue reading “Haiku movie reviews, June 2015”

Haiku movie reviews, February 2015

I didn’t see as many movies as I’d like this past month. Just two: The Interview (2014) Randall Park steals it, Though it isn’t that funny. — Too much James Franco Frances Ha (2012) A Gen-Y woman In New York and then Paris Grows up — a little Read January’s haiku movie reviews here.

Haiku movie reviews, January 2015

  Internal Affairs (1990) Cop flick from long ago It probably felt dated When it was released   3 Days to Kill (2014) A dad and killer Bossed around by a hot chick Dumb but fun action   Alex Cross (2012) Guy from “Lost”? Creepy Tyler Perry – he can act! So where’s the sequel?Continue reading “Haiku movie reviews, January 2015”