‘Some General Ideas About Filipino Communities’

I recently came across the following passage and though it was published in 1909, I suddenly had a feeling it was being written about America in 2019: The ordinary people of the villages think of the town government, not as something that belongs to them and in which they may share and by which theyContinue reading “‘Some General Ideas About Filipino Communities’”

13 things about my Lolo, Col. Maximiano Saqui Janairo, for Veterans Day

Here’s a photo of my Lolo, Maximiano Saqui Janairo. 1930 graduate of U.S. Military Academy at West Point Commission in the Philippine Scouts Chief engineer with the Philippine Army in 1941 Captured by the Japanese in April 1942 Survived the Bataan Death March Prisoner of War in Camp O’Donnell Escaped while being transferred to a hospitalContinue reading “13 things about my Lolo, Col. Maximiano Saqui Janairo, for Veterans Day”

Fact-checking family stories

I’m not in the habit of fact-checking family stories, despite the countless times (as a journalism student and journalist) I’ve heard: “If your mother tells you she loves you, check it out.” So it was more of a fluke than a deliberate act when I came across a document linked to what I’ve come toContinue reading “Fact-checking family stories”