Big Picture: Chance to share stories truly a gift

As the year winds down, I and the arts and entertainment team at the Times Union have been looking back on the highlights of 2011. The thought exercise offers a reminder that the greater Capital Region offers a wonderful breadth and depth of cultural opportunities in dance, classical music, opera, literature, theater, visual arts, jazzContinue reading “Big Picture: Chance to share stories truly a gift”

More on self-publishing

The author Mat Johnson writes about self-publishing on his blog. Here’s his take: I don’t think the physical act of self-publishing hurts a writer, just that the hustling involved takes away from time that could be spent developing craft, which is essential to do in the beginning before bad habits set in. I don’t thinkContinue reading “More on self-publishing”

Adventures in self-publishing

I’ve recently been in e-mail contact with Capital Region novelist and musician J. Peter Yakel, whose recent book is “The Legend of Juggin Joe,” which he has self-published through (his Web site is His book is described as follows: J. Peter Yakel spins a fine country yarn in this hilarious hilltown tale. Somethin’sContinue reading “Adventures in self-publishing”

Lessons in self-publishing

At the Times Union, we get lots of calls, letters and books from self-published authors. Here are some links with interesting takes on the subject. Slate magazine recently wrote about’s practice of having self-published authors enter into a murky ethical realm of buying reviews. The Book Square blog follows up, and finds the serviceContinue reading “Lessons in self-publishing”