A secret message from my treadmill?

Here are some shots of the TV screen on the treadmill at my gym. What does it mean? Is it random? Is it a self-critique about the difficulty of what meaning can be derived from images and sound out of a treadmill screen, when the gym is a noisy place and my concentration should beContinue reading “A secret message from my treadmill?”

Video: Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s “Can’t Help Myself”

In Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s “Can’t Help Myself,” an industrial robot works away inside a glass box at the Guggenheim Museum. What’s it made of? Kuka industrial robot, stainless steel and rubber, cellulose ether in colored water, lighting grid with Cognex visual-recognition sensors, and polycarbonate wall with aluminum frame. Is it making art? Is itContinue reading “Video: Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s “Can’t Help Myself””

Sports, Philippines and the artist Paul Pfeiffer

For your enjoyment, two videos about the Philippine-born, NYC-based artist Paul Pfeiffer. He’s represented by Paula Cooper Gallery in NYC. Of interest to me is his exploration of images of basketball, especially considering the long history of basketball in the Philippines. (A quick history of it can be found here.)

On Ursula Le Guin’s awesome speech

You can read the full text here, and here are some of my favorite nuggets. Hard times are coming, when we’ll be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now, can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other ways of being, and even imagine someContinue reading “On Ursula Le Guin’s awesome speech”

Scenes from Antigua, Guatemala

When thinking about going abroad, I always have these equations in mind: Tourist = Seeing others as others Traveler = Discovering self as other My take is that most people are a little of both: you can’t help but feel strange being in a new place, as long as you are open to learning aboutContinue reading “Scenes from Antigua, Guatemala”