From the archives: Impact Show 307

In this video from the TV show Impact from July 18, 2012, Proctors CEO Philip Morris turns the tables on the Times Union A&E editor by interviewing him.

Video poem: Mami Wata by Linda Addison

Video poem: Tend by F.J. Bergmann

Because I Could Not Stop For Death

Check out this video adaptation of Julian Peters’ poetry comic for this Emily Dickinson poem. The video is by Jim Avis. The comic is from Peters’ new book, Poems to See By: A Comic Artist Interprets Great Poetry (Plough Publishing)

Along the Blueberry Hill Trail

Blueberry Hill Trail, Harvey Mountain, April 12, 2020

A spring chorus

Friday video: Landing in Newark

Flying in from Munich at Newark the other night. The seat back had mesmerizing video from cameras on the plane. Here’s our landing.

‘The War Prayer’ by Mark Twain

It seemed like a good idea to bring your attention to this piece of writing that Mark Twain wrote in response to the U.S. military intervention against the freedom fighters of the Philippines. It wasn’t published until long after he died. Now in the public domain, “The War Prayer” continues to resonate more than a hundred years after it was written. Also included below is a 2007 dramatization.  

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