#tbt: Troy Polamalu at the Wax Museum

As the 2017 training camp gets started, here’s a look back at a lighter moment with one of the Steelers’ all time greats, Troy Polamalu.


From the archive: Michael Winslow Whole Lotta Love

A Whole Lotta Love like you’ve never heard it before.

(Originally posted Oct 19, 2011)

Snow day time lapse, March 14, 2017

A secret message from my treadmill?

Here are some shots of the TV screen on the treadmill at my gym.

What does it mean? Is it random? Is it a self-critique about the difficulty of what meaning can be derived from images and sound out of a treadmill screen, when the gym is a noisy place and my concentration should be on things like form, breathing, and effort? Were the screens responding to my workout? Is this a new form of participatory video art? Participatory found art?

Summer in Dosan Park, Seoul, South Korea

Image of Dosan Park in Seoul, South Korea