A little Menken in the morning…

On of the book blogs I check out often is Of Books and Bicycles. In a recent post, Of Books responds to a post on a different blog — BlogLily — about book reviewing and feeling sheepish about criticizing someone who has put so much work into a book AND has gotten it published. AContinue reading “A little Menken in the morning…”

Why I quit reading “Against the Day”

By now all the initial hoopla surrounding Thomas Pynchon’s “Against the Day” has died down, with the reviews coming in mostly mixed. So I feel I can finally confess that even though I was among those to receive an advanced readers copy, complete with my name and the name of the Times Union imprinted inContinue reading “Why I quit reading “Against the Day””

What were your favorite books of 2006?

In a twist on the question above, I thought I’d write about the books that I’ve talked about the most with people who have asked me for reading recommendations. In a way, these two books are the ones that have stayed in my mind longest after reading and have seemed appropriate to the people IContinue reading “What were your favorite books of 2006?”

Richard Ford’s “Lay of the Land”

If you read my review of Ford’s book in Sunday’s Times Union, you know that I started the book with high hopes, and ended in disappointment. That, of course, is just me. Or is it? Having finished reading the book and writing the review, I allowed myself to read other reviews, and found the disconnectContinue reading “Richard Ford’s “Lay of the Land””