Audio books review “Between Georgia”

“Between, Georgia,” by Joshilyn Jackson. Read by the author. Unabridged, 9 hours. Hachette Audio. $31.98.

The title of Jackson’s second novel refers not only to a small town equidistant from Athens, Ga., and Atlanta but also to the position of the protagonist and narrator, Nonny Frett.

Born unwanted to a teen in the Crabtree family, she’s stolen by the Fretts and is raised by Stacia Frett, an artist who is deaf and going blind. As a 30-year-old, Nonny finds herself in the middle of an escalating feud, and her personal life seems to be in stasis, with a philandering husband she can’t quite make herself divorce and a niece who looks up to her even when she lets her down.

“Between” is hilarious, heartbreaking and human. Conversations using American Sign Language add moments of unexpected depth and comedy. Jackson’s achievement is in her generosity in creating characters we can feel for and understand, even when they don’t make the best decisions, but especially when they do.

Jackson’s Southern accent and ability to assume characters’ voices deepen the sense of place she convincingly creates with her words.


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