‘Super Knocked Up’ recognized as original ‘Geekies’


“Super Knocked Up,” a web series filmed in the Capital Region, has won “Most Original Web Series” at the 1st Geekie Awards. The award ceremony will take place Aug. 18 in Hollywood and will be streamed live online.

“Super Knocked Up” is the story of Jessica James (played by Jourdan Gibson), aka Darkstar, the toughest, most feared super-villain on Earth, who hooks up – and gets ‘knocked up’ – by her arch enemy, the amorous superhero Captain Amazing (Mark Pezzula). When she gets pregnant with his baby their lives change forever. The show can be seen across various platforms, including Youtube, JTS.tv (Just The Story), and Koldcast.tv.

Super Knocked Up is now in its second season. The Geekie Award follows other accolades for the show. It was named an official selection of the 2013 Hollyweb Festival and the 2013 Marseille Webfest and won a visual effects award at the 2013 LA Web Fest. Next month, James and show creator Jeff Burns will speak on a web series panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Leigh Hornbeck interviewed Burns and the stars of the show for a story that ran in September last year.

Story link: http://albarchive.merlinone.net/mweb/wmsql.wm.request?oneimage&imageid=20019411

SKU link: http://superknockedup.com/

Geekie Awards link: http://www.thegeekieawards.com

— Leigh Hornbeck

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