Opening tonight: ‘Working/Drawing’ at Fulton Street Gallery

Joanne Carson Toughing it Out, 2012 Charcoal and Pastel on Paper 25 1/2"h x 19 1/2" w

Which came first: the sculpture or the drawing? Most sculptors will tell you that a three-dimensional finished piece is likely preceded by a two-dimensional one. Whether a quick gesture in a sketchbook or a detailed schematic, drawing and sculpture are often intimately connected. Drawing offers a way to work through ideas and sometimes may even be the final product for a sculptor, reflecting a similar line of inquiry as their sculptural work. A new show at Troy’s Fulton Street Gallery will give viewers insight into this part of the sculptor’s process. ”Working/Drawing,” curated by Albany artist Ken Ragsdale, presents the drawings of 22 sculptors from two corners of the country, the Northeast and the Northwest. Collar Works Gallery is pitching in promotional help since the show switched to Fulton Street during a period of uncertainty about the former’s location. An opening reception Friday is part of Troy Night Out, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Fulton Street Gallery, 406 Fulton St., Troy. 518-331-0217


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