Behind the scenes at the museum


Terry Conrad at Opalka Gallery in Albany

Interstitial Plains by Terry Conrad

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So long, 2020!

A cold December night

Someday, 2020 will make sense. As the year draws to a close, there are a few pre-pandemic “lasts” to remember.

  • Last movie at a movie theater: “1917” on Feb. 2 — Glad I saw it in a theater on a big screen. At the theater I often go to, there is rarely a big crowd for the movies I want to see (and by then “1917” had been out for a while).
  • Last meal in a restaurant: Le Colonne Restaurant at the Hilton Hotel at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport on March 11 — The food was fine — I can’t remember what we had, but tables had been spread apart for social distancing, and there were diners at only about four other tables. We were only there to be sure to get our morning flight out of Rome, leaving the country early as more and more flights were being canceled, including our flights out of Genoa.
  • Last workout at the gym: Feb. 29 — I did some warmups and cooldowns, with a 5K run on the indoor track in between at a time of 33 minutes and 22 seconds
  • Last day working in person at the office: Tuesday, March 3.
  • Last time I had a cold: Maybe sometime in 2019
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My latest purchase: Ruth Asawa stamps

Fighting fascism with capitalism

Will this help USPS?

Are you familiar with Ruth Asawa? Get to know more about this great American artist here:

Also check out the exhibition from David Zwirner Gallery in 2017 here

Friday Photo: First look of Mary Weatherford at the Tang

Now up at the Albany International Airport


Flight Plans, Deborah Zlotsky, Digital print on adhesive-backed vinyl, 2019

The next time you are at the Albany International Airport and checking in for a flight, look to your right to see this new large-scale work.

According to the Art and Culture Program at the Albany Airport:

The geometric patterns in this composition are based upon paper airplanes folded by employees throughout Albany International Airport who were invited to contribute to this project. After collecting the planes, the artist unfolded them and then traced their creases into this fifteen-part sequence. The white lines on varying shades of blue ground echo the contrails of jets as they cross the sky, or blueprint renderings for simple, elegant flying machines

A public reception for the current exhibition, Patterns of Engagement, will be Friday, Jan. 17, at 5:30pm, featuring work by the artists Tasha Depp, Adam Frelin, Rich Garrison, Jack Magai, Laini Nemett, Chris St. Cyr, Chris Victor, and Deborah Zlotsky.



Christian Marclay’s ’48 War Movies’

48 War Movies (2019) is a single-channel video that collapses conflicts from the Civil War to Iraq into a horrifying aggregate spectacle of war. Dramatizations are collaged into almost indistinguishable narratives and presented through concentric rectangles, like a flickering conveyor belt of popular cultural content. The forty-eight war films play simultaneously and continuously, and the accompanying soundtrack generates an indecipherable cacophony of wartime sounds. (Paula Cooper Gallery, NYC)

Friday Photo: My brother and Matt Bollinger’s ‘The Lot’


My brother standing before Matt Bollinger’s The Lot2013, at the exhibition Marx@200 at SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh, May 5, 2018. 

Friday Photo: Dan Flavin and Me


Dan Flavin artwork and me at David Zwirner Gallery, March 9, 2018 (Photo by Deborah Zlotsky)