Bands listed for Local Legends Live

Earlier this summer, the state Office of General Services announced the former soul coughing frontman Mike Doughty as the headliner of this year’s Local Legends Live show on Saturday, Sept. 8. Now, OGS has posted the list of actual 518 acts performing. The free event takes place at the Empire State Plaza.

Here they are:

2 p.m. Happy Birthday Dr. Jim
3 p.m. Catching Cadence
4 p.m. The Chronicles
5 p.m. Karma’s Army
6 p.m. John Brodeur and Charmboy
7 p.m. Eastbound Jesus
8 p.m. Mike Doughty

Of note, this is also the same day as Day 2 of Restoration Fest at St. Joseph’s in Albany, which isn’t free, and the city of Albany’s Jazz Festival at Corning Preserve, which is free.

Something for everyone or a scheduling nightmare?

One response to “Bands listed for Local Legends Live”

  1. Jason W. Mcdonald

    Scheduling nightmare … rather than having them on various days over the summer, Albany is missing out on the extra traffic each individual event brings on and is consolidating it on one day. They really need to wise up to the needs of business down there.


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