Is this too risque for the historic Ten Broeck Mansion?

The 213-year-old Ten Broeck Mansion evokes old-world charm and history. In fact, it is the headquarters of the Albany County Historical Association, (ACHA), that aims to preserve and exemplify the history and heritage of New York’s Capital Region.

So how does the sexy, bawdy and raucous burlesque troupe Charmed and Dangerous fit in with that kind of mission?

According it its Facebook page, Charmed and Dangerous features entertainers with names such as Pixie Dickens, Rosie Budds, Mittens Curtis, Ophelia Nightly, Cherry Poppins, Fernando Falcone, Sunny Holiday, Cocoa Chanelle and Lusty Springfield.

Does this poster make you want to attend?



  1. It’s apparent that the ACHA isn’t uptight and composed of lame Puritans. If one doesn’t want to attend the show then one shouldn’t go. I’m under the impression that it’s a benefit to raise money for the ACHA and Ten Broeck Mansion. Somehow in someway someone can find the negative in a benefit that these unselfish, generous performers are gladly doing as per the request of whoever hired them. So tonight get your bible and your beads or rattlesnakes or whatever your parents used to beat the fun out of you, mumble some prayers and cut a huge check to the ACHA to avoid this in the future.


  2. I have seen this group so many times and THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR ANYONE(grown ups) TO MISS THIS SHOW! I’ve seen this group many times and they are hilarious,very tongue and cheek and delightfully naughty AND you see more flesh on the beach than on those boys and girls. Charmed & Dangerous is also donating their time for this cause which is nice. It’s a benefit and unless you prefer to watch nuns sing hymns all night…I’d go. DON”T MISS OUT.


  3. Michael Janairo- Is this too risque for you? It’s a BENEFIT. A Benefit meaning it is raising money for a cause. It’s not some girls taking off their clothes working on a pole. Why would you even perceive this to be “Risque” and take it to that level. Obviously you’re the one with a one track mind who automatically has judged these people before even seeing their show. Do yourself a favor and write some real news. These are people trying to help, not hurt.


  4. YES that poster makes me want to attend! It looks like a very fun evening, and from what I hear the burlesque group is tasteful and entertaining. I wouldn’t bother to attend if it was just a standard fund-raising cocktail party or some sweet background group performing. Nothing wrong with that, but a Saturday night in the height of summer in this area has so many good things to offer that something unique and fun is what would get me to go.

    So yes, Michael, that poster makes me want to attend!


  5. Comments by # 3 and 4 were right on target. I went to the fund raiser with my girlfriend and we , and everyone else, enjoyed it, nothing smutty or “x-rated” . It is about as “risque” (less so , actually) than the performance of Cabaret in Washington Park…… Maybe Mr. Janairo can opine on that when he’s got nothing else to stir up interest. PS congatulations to Albany Park Playhouse for a great job on Cabaret.


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