How did people react to the news of Trader Joe’s coming to Colonie?

Lots of people responded to the news. Check out what they had to say.

[View the story “Trader Joe’s is coming” on Storify]


  1. Hard to believe Trader Joe’s would locate in a state that does not permit them to sell wine. I wrote a letter on this issue a couple of years ago when a reader did not understand why these types of stores were reluctant to locate in New York State.

    Where are your Total Wine Stores? I worked in Schenectady for a number of years, and it did not take long to realize N.Y. State has perfect aim when it comes to shooting themself in the foot.


  2. I am now retired living in Greenville, S.C. Within 1.5 miles of my apartment is a Trader Joe’s, Whole Food, Total Wine, several supermarkets, several quick markets, CVS’s, and a Wal Mart. They all sell wine which is a major item for attracting some of these types of stores.


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