Reads like teen spirit

Media Bistro links to a Seattle PI article about the rise in teen buying of books:

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Celia Goodnow checks in on one of the happier publishing trends, where teens are buying books in numbers not seen in decades. “Kids are buying books in quantities we’ve never seen before,” said Booklist magazine critic Michael Cart, a leading authority on young adult literature. “And publishers are courting young adults in ways we haven’t seen since the 1940s.” Credit a bulging teen population, a surge of global talent and perhaps a bit of Harry Potter afterglow as the preteen Muggles of yesteryear carry an ingrained reading habit into later adolescence.

From the PI article:

Horror and other pulp series prevailed, most titles were aimed at ages 11 to 14, and older teens were becoming an “endangered species” in the marketplace, Cart chided in his 1996 book, “From Realism to Romance: 50 Years of Change and Growth in Young Adult Literature.”

Reached by phone in Indiana, Cart laughed softly and said, “That was then and this is now.”

There are many reasons for the turnaround, not least the sheer size of the teen population — well over 30 million kids with ready cash in their pockets. Called Gen Y or Millennials, they trail only the baby boomers in number.

More interesting articles in the PI:
On teen trends.
On books that may be too mature for young kids.

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