Books as art


Ramon Lascano uses books as a medium for his art, some of which is now on display at the Martinez Gallery in Troy.

Here’s an excerpt from his artist statement from the Carrie Haddad Gallery Web site:

I began making my series of altered books three years ago. My work began with experimental folding to create shapes using the pages. After many months of working with open-faced single books I sought ways to display them in combinations making both wall mounted and free standing sculptures. My groupings of books often form architectural and geometric shapes. Many form rhomboids, columns, and diamonds to name a few. Pieces range from a single folded book to dozens in large murals and installations.

My altered books are about exploring pattern and shape. Combinations of books create visual rhythms both in the overall shape and of the folds. The text wraps in and around the folds creating additional patterns which are complemented by light and shadows falling on the pages.

The books I use are primarily encyclopedias. Due to the advent of the Internet encyclopedias have become a thing of the past in most homes. Discarded volumes are abundant and easy to come by.


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