‘Masada Scroll’ gets Windy City press

This is my first post on Michael’s blog, and I want to thank him for allowing me to contribute. I’m the author of The Masada Scroll and recently was interviewed on this blog (click here). I’m busy at work on the sequel to the novel but have been taking some time to promote the first book — which is something I’m a bit uncomfortable doing. Fortunately my co-author, Robert Vaughan, has a lot of experience in that regard, so I’ll be flying out to Chicago on Wednesday to join him for some book signings.

Robert and I were interviewed recently by Pioneer Press, which is owned by the Chicago Sun-Times and publishes a number of suburban papers in that area. The resulting story in the Evanston Review was published online and and can be read here. The story angle was a combination of how two authors go about collaborating on a novel and how the resulting book, which is similar in concept to The Da Vinci Code, was developed earlier but couldn’t find a publishing home until Dan Brown’s blockbuster created a market.

I’m looking forward to seeing the print version of the review when I’m visiting Robert. It makes the “getting published” process seem more real when you see a story in print. It sure would be great to have a similar story in our local paper, the Times Union (hint hint).

I’ll write again after the book signing and tell you how it goes.

Paul Block, Delmar, NY


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