The art of an approaching storm



Falcon Heavy booster rocket landings

I can’t get enough of this video. Symmetry. Simultaneity. Rocket ships. Very cool.

Check it out.

#tbt What’s your blues name?

Just call me Bad Boy Jailhouse Washington, at least that’s my name according to a chart that’s floating around Facebook lately.

Here it is:

So what’s your blues name?

My first Amazon order

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 2.35.02 PM
It’s a thing. On the internet. People have been posting about their very first order on Amazon. Looks like I bought an audio book as a gift for my father eighteen years ago. Reminds me how much I enjoyed Ed McBain’s novels of the 87th Precinct. He wrote dozens of them. Though McBain—which was a pseudonym for Evan Hunter (which was a legal name change, as McBain/Hunter was born Salvatore Albert Lombino)— may also be just as well known for writing the novel Blackboard Jungle, which was made into the 1955 film.

‘Spiritual Puppy Cosplay Kills Cancer’


This is making the rounds on the Internet. Anyone know the source?

‘Spiritual Puppy Cosplay Kills Cancer’ is based on my workphone.

For my landline and my cellphone I get these stories:

  • “Holistic Yoga Vibrators Is as Magical as it Sounds”
  • “Holistic Vegan Shaming Is the New Feminist Battle Against Trump”

What did you get?