A biography of a killer from Schenectady

A new book about an 1890s killer in the Pacific Northwest speaks of his roots in the Capital Region. “Cold Lead: The Life, Times and Death of 1890s Killer Tom Blanck” is a new biography written by Mark Dugan and is published by Hancock House.
Here’s a bit from the review from the Weiser Signal American Newspaper in Weiser Idaho:

Born Michael Hogan Jr. on Oct. 28, 1870, in Schenectady, N.Y., the subject of the biography was the eighth of 10 children of Margaret and Michael Hogan Sr., hard-working Irish Catholic immigrants who had escaped Ireland�s potato famine. Although details of Michael Jr.�s Schenectady beginnings are hard to come by, Dugan scrapes together just enough to illuminate the existence of a skilled railroad worker who absolutely loves getting into fights. He will later add to his list of talents an uncanny shooting accuracy with pistols.

The full review is here.


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