Join the conspiracy

Are you a book worm? A word-aholic? A devourer of novels? A poetry peruser? Are you big on biographies? Knowledgable about nonfiction? Passionate about prosody? Or even an academician on a mission? In short, are you a reader?

If so, then you’ve found the right place: The Times Union Books Blog: A conspiracy of smart people.

Odd name? Perhaps, but don’t let it scare you. It’s open to everyone, and the name is explained here.
You have a few choices for how to be part of the conspiracy. The easiest one is to just visit this blog from time to time. You could even bookmark it in your favorite browser and check back for updates.

Or you could respond to the posts here by registering for the blog. It takes only a minute. All you do is enter a user name and e-mail address, and a password will be sent to you. Then you will have the ability to respond to the posts.

Or, and here’s the fun part, a third way to join the conspiracy is to register and respond to this post by writing a short note (just click on “add a comment” below) explaining why you are such a fan of books that you are the perfect person to gain the privileges of being a blog contributor — that means you get authorization to not only respond to posts already on the blog, but also to create your own posts to which other people can respond.

So get your creative juices flowing and join the conspiracy.

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