Where’s ’shaggy dog’ come from?

The Guardian in London says the Oxford English Dictionary is looking for help. They’ve got about 40 words they don’t know the origin to, and are opening it up to the public. The article, of course, is written in England for Brits, but that doesn’t mean Americans can’t get involved. Click here for more info about the OED word hunt.

Here’s what the guardian says:

The 40 words include some whose origin is still unknown or uncertain including shaggy dog story, loo, bonkers, Bloody Mary, take the mickey, bung and spiv.

The dictionary is also hoping for more information on mucky pup, sick puppy, glamour model, hoodie, shell-suit, stiletto, marital aid, pole dance, duh brain, and one sandwich short of a picnic.

Thanks to this post from Maud Newton’s blog.


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