Now up at the Albany International Airport

The next time you are at the Albany International Airport and checking in for a flight, look to your right to see this new large-scale work. According to the Art and Culture Program at the Albany Airport: The geometric patterns in this composition are based upon paper airplanes folded by employees throughout Albany International AirportContinue reading “Now up at the Albany International Airport”

Publication: ‘Inside Infinity’ in Thimble Literary Magazine

My poem Inside Infinity: Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Dots Mirrored Room, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh has just been published in Thimble Literary Magazine, edited by Nadia Wolnisty. Check it out here.

Photos: A hidden narrative in “Person of Interest” featuring my spouse’s artwork

NOTE: If you are a fan of Person of Interest and haven’t seen Season 4 Episode 15 don’t read this because it is probably full of spoilers. It also contains wild speculation that probably has nothing whatsoever to do with the ongoing narrative of the show. Here’s the IMDb description of “Person of Interest” SeasonContinue reading “Photos: A hidden narrative in “Person of Interest” featuring my spouse’s artwork”

Sports, Philippines and the artist Paul Pfeiffer

For your enjoyment, two videos about the Philippine-born, NYC-based artist Paul Pfeiffer. He’s represented by Paula Cooper Gallery in NYC. Of interest to me is his exploration of images of basketball, especially considering the long history of basketball in the Philippines. (A quick history of it can be found here.)