Some cool art at galleries in Chelsea, New York City

  Carol Bove, Polka Dots, at David Zwirner Philip Guston, Laughter in the Dark, Drawings from 1971 & 1975, at Hauser Wirth Josef Albers, Grey Steps, Grey Scales, Grey Ladders, at David Zwirner Arlene Shechet, Turn Up the Bass, at Sikkema Jenkins Terry Winters at Matthew Marks Valerie Hegarty: American Berserk at Burning into WaterContinue reading “Some cool art at galleries in Chelsea, New York City”

For those in need of inspiration: LeWitt, Hesse and Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch reads Sol LeWitt’s 1965 letter to Eva Hesse. Here is the text of the letter: Dear Eva, It will be almost a month since you wrote to me and you have possibly forgotten your state of mind (I doubt it though). You seem the same as always, and being you, hate every minuteContinue reading “For those in need of inspiration: LeWitt, Hesse and Cumberbatch”

Scenes from Antigua, Guatemala

When thinking about going abroad, I always have these equations in mind: Tourist = Seeing others as others Traveler = Discovering self as other My take is that most people are a little of both: you can’t help but feel strange being in a new place, as long as you are open to learning aboutContinue reading “Scenes from Antigua, Guatemala”

Lunchtime video: Brown bears of Alaska’s Katmai National Park

Hungry? These brown bears at Alaska’s Katmai National Park are. That’s why they are wading near Brooks Falls, waiting for salmon to swim toward them so they can eat. Watch the webcam here:!/live-cams/player/brown-bear-salmon-cam-brooks-falls The Associated Press reports: A park official says it will provide an unparalleled opportunity for people to study bears at theContinue reading “Lunchtime video: Brown bears of Alaska’s Katmai National Park”