RIP Storify

For the past seven-plus years, I’ve made 34 Storify stories by combining posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to tell stories in different ways. At the time I started, it felt like a great possibility for storytelling in general (check out this Storify) and the future of journalism in particular. Storify will come toContinue reading “RIP Storify”

The portable video game truck

We heard the screams from down the block during our evening walk. They could’ve been coming out of any of the homes in the neighborhood, sounds muffled with windows and doors closed up from the heat. Then we turned a corner and saw this truck. Maybe it was a birthday party inside. Kids were screaming.Continue reading “The portable video game truck”

Thank you, Mithila Review!

My new speculative poem, Instructions for Astronauts, appears in the new edition of The Mithila Review! It has also been made into a video. Check it out:   Ajapa Sharma, one of the co-founding editors of the journal, writes in the introduction: When we read Michael Janairo’s submission “Instructions for Astronauts” for this issue, itContinue reading “Thank you, Mithila Review!”

Video: Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s “Can’t Help Myself”

In Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s “Can’t Help Myself,” an industrial robot works away inside a glass box at the Guggenheim Museum. What’s it made of? Kuka industrial robot, stainless steel and rubber, cellulose ether in colored water, lighting grid with Cognex visual-recognition sensors, and polycarbonate wall with aluminum frame. Is it making art? Is itContinue reading “Video: Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s “Can’t Help Myself””