Where I’ve Been: Part 1 — Making a Website

Hello (again) world. For the past eleven months I’ve been working on creating a new website at my day job at the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College. Not that I’ve created it. The design firm Linked By Air (which is awesome) did the design and development work. Everyone on staff at the museum pitchedContinue reading “Where I’ve Been: Part 1 — Making a Website”

In memory of Medill professor Bob McClory

“So I’m thinking it’s either a Pulitzer in six years, or a mental hospital for you.” That was Bob McClory, a journalism professor of mine who died last Friday at age 82. Or at least that’s what I remember him saying at the end-of-the-quarter meeting about my writing and final grade when I was aContinue reading “In memory of Medill professor Bob McClory”