RIP Storify


The Storify logo appeared to be an “S” or was it begin and end single quotes? Storify is at an end.

For the past seven-plus years, I’ve made 34 Storify stories by combining posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to tell stories in different ways. At the time I started, it felt like a great possibility for storytelling in general (check out this Storify) and the future of journalism in particular.

Storify will come to an end on May 16, 2018—and so will access to all the stories people created over the years.

So here’s a look back before it leaves.

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Review: The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

The Colorado Kid
The Colorado Kid by Stephen King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The TV show Haven brought me to this tale, which was more of a story about stories — a kind of using fiction to figure out a kind of aesthetic — that makes a clever distinction between stories that are good for the news media (ones that have only one thing strange about them and that can be summed up easily) versus stories that don’t work in the news media, that is stories that are too strange or unresolved or have too many points in them to be easily summed up.
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