‘Last Jedi’ first impressions

Dim the lights, flash up the Lucas Film logo, and even before the title and scroll hit the screen, I’m in. Double sunsets? I’m a kid again. I hear some people aren’t happy with The Last Jedi. I must admit I found Luke a little off-putting at first. His entire performance as a reclusive, curmudgeonlyContinue reading “‘Last Jedi’ first impressions”

My Oscar picks (of what I’ve seen in the last year)

Best best picture nominee, that I’ve seen Spotlight, but I’ve only seen Spotlight, the Martian, and Mad Max: Fury Road (I liked them all) Best Star Wars thing Sure, the movie was fun, but the Solo Family Portrait blew me away. Best real depiction of journalists Spotlight has been hailed for its realistic portrayal ofContinue reading “My Oscar picks (of what I’ve seen in the last year)”

Chewbacca shares Star Wars behind the scenes

Storify by Michael Janairo Sat, Jan 11 2014 06:29:51 The actor Peter Mayhew has been busy on Twitter, posting plenty of behind the scenes shots from his years of playing Chewbacca. Here are a few. The sign in the back says Zazzle was here… pic.twitter.com/mXBZaxw6Vn Peter Mayhew@TheWookieeRoars · Thu, Jan 09 2014 19:50:42 ReplyRetweetFavorite ItsContinue reading “Chewbacca shares Star Wars behind the scenes”

Is it me or are the 1970s coming back stronger than ever?

Here’s my evidence: On Tuesday, Van Halen releases a new album. (Its first album VH1 came out in 1977) On Friday, Peter Frampton comes to the Palace Theatre in Albany to play Frampton Comes Alive (from 1976) plus other songs. Also on Friday, Star Wars Episode I (the “first” Star Wars, as confused young peopleContinue reading “Is it me or are the 1970s coming back stronger than ever?”