‘Positively No Filipinos Allowed’

Photo: ‘Positively No Filipinos Allowed’

English is Seoul: Part 1 — Signs on buildings

As an English speaker, when traveling abroad my eye often goes straight for written English. I found this to be especially true when traveling around South Korea last month. Even though some Chinese characters are used in Korea, and I know a few having lived in Japan in my youth, the Hangul writing system isContinue reading “English is Seoul: Part 1 — Signs on buildings”

A word nerd goes for coffee

Most reasonable people who see this sign at a Dunkin Donuts will probably think, “Hey, a medium coffee for just 99 cents? What a deal!” Me? I had the hardest time getting beyond the line that says “Medium Hot.” Isn’t “medium hot” just “warm”? Should it be “Medium, Hot”? And why is almost every wordContinue reading “A word nerd goes for coffee”