2018 Rhysling Awards eligibility

I had two poems published in 2017 that are eligible for the 2018┬áRhysling Awards, which are awards for speculative poetry. These awards must be nominated by a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (I’m a member, but people can’t nominated their own poems). Eligible in long-poem category: “Instructions for Astronauts,” Mithila ReviewContinue reading “2018 Rhysling Awards eligibility”

Recent press: Quick Sip Reviews on my poem ‘Instructions for Astronauts’: ‘strange and haunting’

Thank you to Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews for taking the time to read my work and write about it. Very cool! Quick snippet “strange and haunting” and “great”! If you need more, here are some snippets from his review of “Instructions for Astronauts”: This is a rather strange and haunting poem about humanityContinue reading “Recent press: Quick Sip Reviews on my poem ‘Instructions for Astronauts’: ‘strange and haunting’”

My poem ‘For Your Own Safety’ Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

So here’s a screenshot of something that I just saw today on the SF Poetry website: Thank you, Star*Line magazine for the recognition! I won’t know until much later this year if my poem gets picked. The poem isn’t available online, but you can buy the edition it is in from http://www.sfpoetry.com/sl/issues/starline39.1.html. And it wasContinue reading “My poem ‘For Your Own Safety’ Nominated for a Pushcart Prize”

Review: Pre-judging the movie Interstellar

This post is part of Sci-Fi November, which you can read all about here. I haven’t seen “Interstellar” yet, but I have seen the teaser trailer, the official trailer, TV commercials and some feature stories in the NY Times, so I’ve been given an impression of the film and know it will have moments ofContinue reading “Review: Pre-judging the movie Interstellar”

Readercon wrap-up: ‘You don’t look Filipino’

Readercon is awesome. The conference for speculative literature is always worthwhile, as it offers a deep dive into issues and concerns that are at the forefront of literature. So I got to hear luminaries like Michael Dirda and Peter Straub talk about their development as readers and writers. (Dirda doesn’t have time to reread books;Continue reading “Readercon wrap-up: ‘You don’t look Filipino’”

Reading at Readercon

I’ll be one of the readers reading a story from the anthology “Long Hidden” at Readercon next week’s Friday. What’s Readercon? It’s a literary conference that focuses on “imaginative” literature. It is like a sci-fi / fantasy conference but without the costumes, games, movies and music. It’s all about writers and writing, and readers andContinue reading “Reading at Readercon”

Review: ‘The Year of the Flood’ of The MaddAddam Trilogy by Margaret Atwood

Everything and nothing changes in “The Year of the Flood,” the second book of Margaret Atwood’s “MaddAddam Trilogy.” I have to admit, when I first read “Oryx and Crake,” I didn’t know it was going to be part of a trilogy. When I first read “The Year of the Flood,” I thought of it asContinue reading “Review: ‘The Year of the Flood’ of The MaddAddam Trilogy by Margaret Atwood”

Review: Oryx and Crake of The MaddAddam Trilogy by Margaret Atwood

I recently started listening to the audiobook version of MaddAddam but then stopped after the first disc. I had read Oryx and Crake when it first came out 11 or so years ago (as well as The Year of the Flood when it first came out), and I realized I needed a refresher in MargaretContinue reading “Review: Oryx and Crake of The MaddAddam Trilogy by Margaret Atwood”