‘Some General Ideas About Filipino Communities’

I recently came across the following passage and though it was published in 1909, I suddenly had a feeling it was being written about America in 2019: The ordinary people of the villages think of the town government, not as something that belongs to them and in which they may share and by which theyContinue reading “‘Some General Ideas About Filipino Communities’”

Now listening: ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama describes a scene from her first day of school in which the teacher asks each students to try to read flashcards that have color words on them, such as blue, green, orange, and white. Competitive and proud, the young Michelle reads one after another until she gets stumped on white, even though sheContinue reading “Now listening: ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama”

2017 Year in Review in Podcasts

A new podcast for me this year, and for everyone, is Pod Save America, the podcast created by former speechwriters in President Obama’s administration. It acts as a tonic or a resistance in the Trump era. It seems to be a successful rallying cry so far for people who are disillusioned at the current government.Continue reading “2017 Year in Review in Podcasts”

A vision of America: Witnessing divisiveness together

How are college kids approaching this election? Where I work, we’ve had debate watching parties open to the public. The communal experience of watching the debates have been eye-opening for students, who say that they value the ability to share the moment with hundreds of others, to see in real life and in real timeContinue reading “A vision of America: Witnessing divisiveness together”

Book review: Harry Frankfurt’s ‘On B.S.’

The following book review originally appeared in the July 31, 2005, edition of the Albany Times Union. A recent op-ed in The Washington Post by Fareed Zakaria called “The unbearable stench of Trump’s B.S.” references the book in describing the extreme lack of concern for the truth in statements from the Republican presidential candidate. The book,Continue reading “Book review: Harry Frankfurt’s ‘On B.S.’”

Fun with numbers, primary-election style

As the primaries continue, I was wondering about turnout. Everyone says turnout is so important. Is there a connection between primary turnout and general election turnout? And how many people have the early voting states turned out? I wanted numbers: From the Des Moines Register on the Iowa caucuses: Republicans counted more than 180,000 caucusgoers,Continue reading “Fun with numbers, primary-election style”