#tbt: 10 years ago when we were rockstars

A good time to look up

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Nine views of the sky over the past nine days in upstate New York.

Views of Agua Volcano, Antigua, Guatemala

Agua Volcano dominates the southern skyline from the city of Antigua, Guatemala. With the city’s streets on an easy to navigate grid, Agua serves as a constant reminder of which direction you’re headed in the city. So here are some views of Agua — sometimes behind clouds, sometimes from city streets, and most often from a hill upon which is a cross just to the north of the city.

A little bit about ZZ on his birthday

ZZ (Times Union archive)
ZZ (Times Union archive)
I got to write a little bit about ZZ, our family dog who died a few years ago and whose ashes we have saved. The article is called “A human need to say farewell to pets,” and is more about readers’ comments on the web about a funeral home planning to offer pet funerals and cremations than about my dog. But it was nice to see his photo in the paper. You can see a video about ZZ here.

Anyway, ZZ died a few months shy of his 19th birthday, about six months after the photo of him was taken.

I’ve just been thinking about the little guy today and missing him.

Photos: Chichen Itza December 2012

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Here’s a link to a story I wrote about visiting Chichen Itza just a few days before what others were calling the Mayan Apocolypse.