tbt: Tsang Kin-Wah at Mori Art Museum, 2011

Originally published Oct 5, 2011: tsang kin-wah: the fifth seal  meggieschwendemann: tsang kin-wah: the fifth seal – he shall deliver you up to be afflicted and killed as he was mori art museum, tokyo on now until january 15th, 2012   via designboom.com

This is going to make my dog mad …

I recently uploaded some photos to Google Photo Backup. One thing it does is automatically group images with similar content and then label them things like “Food” or “Flowers” or “Beaches.” There’s even a “Dogs” one, which features plenty of photos of my dog. And then today I discovered a new one, also featuring myContinue reading “This is going to make my dog mad …”

English is Seoul: Part 1 — Signs on buildings

As an English speaker, when traveling abroad my eye often goes straight for written English. I found this to be especially true when traveling around South Korea last month. Even though some Chinese characters are used in Korea, and I know a few having lived in Japan in my youth, the Hangul writing system isContinue reading “English is Seoul: Part 1 — Signs on buildings”

Eight things I learned doing my first Pecha Kucha

  I was invited the other day to take part in an official Albany PechaKucha event at the Opalka Gallery at the Sage Colleges. (Thanks, Elizabeth and Amy!) The idea is that you can give a presentation on anything, but it has be done with 20 slides and each slides must be shown for exactlyContinue reading “Eight things I learned doing my first Pecha Kucha”