A few tiny steps toward publication(s)

Big day yesterday as, within an hour of each other, I got the ARC (that’s advanced reader’s copy) of the Long Hidden speculative fiction anthology that includes a short story of mine AND a request to do an author interview for Veterans of the Future Wars anthology that includes a different short story of mine.

With the ARC, I get to proof my story one more time. With the interview, I get to talk about me.

These are small steps in the publishing process, but add a sense of fun and anticipation.


How to write a bestseller with ‘stylometry’

Scientists say they’ve uncovered the secret to writing a bestselling novel. By using a process called “statistical stylometry,” which basically means data mining an overload of printed matter — in this case 40,000 books and film scripts — to find patterns of wood usage.

The Stony Brook University researchers say that books that used more conjunctions (and, or, but) and thought-processing words, such as “recognized,” did better than books that had a higher percentage of verbs, adverbs and foreign words.

Do you believe them?

Here’s a quote from one of the researchers, which gives a sense of what it means to write about research (and maybe a good example of how not to write a bestselling sentence (look at those action verbs and a verb of being, but then again there’s that all-powerful “and”).

“Based on novels across different genres, we investigated the predictive power of statistical stylometry in discriminating successful literary works, and identified the stylistic elements that are more prominent in successful writings.”

Interview with Paul Block

masada.jpgPaul Block, the senior producer at timesunion.com, is also the co-author with Robert Vaughan of the new religious thriller “The Masada Scroll,” to be released today by Forge Books.

The books blog recently sat down with Paul to talk about his book. Click on the videos below to hear and see the interview, in two parts.

Part 1.

Part 2.

For more coverage, read story from today’s Times Union.

Keep an eye out on the blog as Paul plans on posting entries about the what it’s like having a new book come out.