A spring chorus

Friday Photo: Goldfinch, early spring


Goldfinch, April 14, 2018.


Happy Spring 2018!


Enjoy this short video of pileated woodpeckers who visited back in 2009.

The snowstorm begins (in slow motion)

Friday Photo: House Finch


A male House Finch, winter 2018.

Friday Photo: Bird and Feeder


Tufted Titmouse

Friday Photo: Bird in Flight



Female Northern Cardinal

Photos: Angry Birds in the Wild


Angry Birds in the Wild

‘Just a Minute!’ in the exhibition ‘Out of Site’ at Chesterwood

This summer, the grounds of Chesterwood—the summer home of Daniel Chester French (1850-1931), best known as the sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial— in the Berkshires is host to an exhibition of contemporary sculpture called Out of Site, organized by Sharon Bates. Deborah Zlotsky is among the fourteen artists showing work. Though known as a painter and drawer, Zlotsky created a time-based participatory work called “Just a Minute!”

Curator Sharon Bates helps with the installation of Deborah Zlotkys’s “Just a Minute!” at Chesterwood in May 2017.

“Just a Minute” at Chesterwood, 2017, invites viewers to slow down, use their senses, and experience the natural world in a way that draws attention to a small area that could easily be overlooked.

A boy, at left, finds a spot for close observation, while his mother, at right, operates the timer to tell him when to start and stop looking during Chesterwood’s opening of “Out of Site: Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood” in June 2017.

A tag at Chesterwood.


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