Movie Review: ‘Dunkirk’

Writer-director Christopher Nolan has created some of the most memorable cinematic moments: the effect of the near-permanent daylight on a LA detective in Insomnia; the slippage of time between places created by a wormhole in Interstellar; the three-action-sequences-at-once in Inception; and the backwards in time unwinding of the plot of Memento. What these all haveContinue reading “Movie Review: ‘Dunkirk’”

Haiku movie reviews, August 2015

Locke (2013) One man at the wheel Wife, job, honor on the line Such weight in his voice Walk Hard (2007) Silliness abounds In this rocker’s storied life Long live rock clichés! The End of the Tour (2015) Smart, talky guy flick Drinking (or not), sex, suicide — My wife hated it The Hobbit: TheContinue reading “Haiku movie reviews, August 2015”

Haiku movie reviews, June 2015

Love and Mercy (2015) Living on the edge Brian Wilson hears so much Joy in creation   Brooklyn Castle (2012) Junior high chess champs Won’t be outplayed by budgets These kids: They got game   Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Big engines go roar Lots of crazy stuff blows up — Women rule the dayContinue reading “Haiku movie reviews, June 2015”

Haiku movie reviews, March 2015

Song of the Sea (2014) Selkie seeks her voice Her brother’s kind of a jerk The spirits are saints? Vanity Fair (2004) Novel: No hero On Film: Reese Witherspoon stars Story? Doesn’t work 2 Guns (2013) Rat-a-tat-tat — bang! Two big stars come out shooting The bodies pile up Fury (2014) I watched this tankContinue reading “Haiku movie reviews, March 2015”