#tbt What’s your blues name?

Just call me Bad Boy Jailhouse Washington

‘Spiritual Puppy Cosplay Kills Cancer’

This is making the rounds on the Internet. Anyone know the source? ‘Spiritual Puppy Cosplay Kills Cancer’ is based on my workphone. For my landline and my cellphone I get these stories: “Holistic Yoga Vibrators Is as Magical as it Sounds” “Holistic Vegan Shaming Is the New Feminist Battle Against Trump” What did you get?Continue reading “‘Spiritual Puppy Cosplay Kills Cancer’”

#tbt: ‘OMG’ at ‘LOL’ at Albany Airport Gallery

Originally posted Oct 12, 2011: Art worth a look. “OMG,” Brian Kane, 2011, Red vinyl, metal, electronics, is on exhibit at the Albany Airport Gallery’s “LOL” show, from Oct. 1, 2011, to March 25, 2012. (Photo Courtesy Albany Airport Gallery)