Photo: The Bloomsday readers in Troy

What a great night earlier this week — June 16, aka Bloomsday — and what a great group of readers, with everyone adding new depths to my enjoyment of “Ulysses” through their takes on James Joyce’s novel. I hope everyone didn’t mind my singing (at least it was brief!): Lal the ral the ra TheContinue reading “Photo: The Bloomsday readers in Troy”

Who I’ll be reading with on Bloomsday

I’ll be taking part in a Bloomsday reading with a great group of people. Here is who will be reading, and which part of Ulysses they’ll be reading: o Tina Lincer, Telemachus, Episode 1 o Michael Janairo, Nestor, Ep. 2 o Marea Gordett, Calypso, Ep. 3 o Michael Halloran, The Wandering Rocks, Ep. 10 oContinue reading “Who I’ll be reading with on Bloomsday”

James Joyce, Bloomsday and me

I’ve been asked to be one of the readers of a Bloomsday event, and I can’t wait. I’ll be reading about six pages from the Nestor section — one of the sections from Stephen Dedalus’s point of view — of Ulysses starting at 6 pm Monday, June 16th, at the Rensselaer County Historical Society, 57Continue reading “James Joyce, Bloomsday and me”