From the archives: Impact Show 307

In this video from the TV show Impact from July 18, 2012, Proctors CEO Philip Morris turns the tables on the Times Union A&E editor by interviewing him.

A few words to a young writer about arts journalism

I was recently interviewed via email by a high school student interested in arts and entertainment journalism. Here are some of the questions and answers:

Q: What different professions have you held in order to get where you are now?
A: I had a journalism internship at the Bellingham Herald in Bellingham, Wash., when I was still a college student majoring in journalism, but I also taught English in Japan, edited a phone book, worked as a copy writer for an advertising agency, and worked as a copy editor at a newspaper before becoming the arts and entertainment editor, all the while I wrote freelance reviews of books, plays and concerts.

Q: What classes did you take, throughout high school and college, to put you in a place to get the job you wanted?
A: In my high school, I was on the honors track, meaning I got to take AP classes (history, chemistry, English, calculus), as well as other advanced-level class, but I also took theater courses throughout high school. In college, I was a journalism major, but also took many courses in political science, philosophy and English. In graduate school, I earned a master’s of fine arts in creative writing, but also studied Japanese language and culture.
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Interview with Paul Block

masada.jpgPaul Block, the senior producer at, is also the co-author with Robert Vaughan of the new religious thriller “The Masada Scroll,” to be released today by Forge Books.

The books blog recently sat down with Paul to talk about his book. Click on the videos below to hear and see the interview, in two parts.

Part 1.

Part 2.

For more coverage, read story from today’s Times Union.

Keep an eye out on the blog as Paul plans on posting entries about the what it’s like having a new book come out.