Photos: Travels in Guatemala: Lake Atitlán

One of the biggest tourist draws in Guatemala is in the highlands, Lake Atitlán, and the many towns that surround it. We stayed over night in Panajachel and then, led by a tour guide from Guatemala City, we took a boat to visit three towns: Santa Catarina, San Antonio and Santiago.

Travels in Guatemala: Chichicastenango

I spent most of my visit to Guatemala in Antigua, which you can see and read about here, but I also took trips to other parts of the country. All these trips were put together Walter, the owner of the Don Quijote Travel Agency in Antiuga Guatemala. Here’s Walter’s van to the right. Our tripContinue reading “Travels in Guatemala: Chichicastenango”

Scenes from Antigua, Guatemala

When thinking about going abroad, I always have these equations in mind: Tourist = Seeing others as others Traveler = Discovering self as other My take is that most people are a little of both: you can’t help but feel strange being in a new place, as long as you are open to learning aboutContinue reading “Scenes from Antigua, Guatemala”